Monday, June 29, 2009

Documents and Settings folder littered with *.001 profiles on Citrix Server


You have a Citrix Presentation Server (XenApp 4.5) running on VMware (virtual server) and you notice that the Documents and Settings folder is piling up with profiles names such as: username.001, username.002, username.003 etc...


VMware's shared folders feature creates a hgfs.dat file and Terminal Services writes this file back to the roaming profile server. For extended information as well as the fix go here.


Remove the value hgfs from the following registry key:

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Installshield: Create installation response file

This process is to be used if a setup.iss file is not created in C:\Windows when using setup.exe -r.


1. Run the command > C:\Temp\setup.exe -r -f1c:\Temp\setup.iss

Note: there should be no spaces in between -f1 and the directory path and its - not / that need to be there with the switches.

Once the setup.iss file is created try to run the installation with silent parameters this time it would definitely install. eg. setup.exe /s /f1 "c:\Temp\setup.iss