Monday, April 27, 2009

unknown error occurred (0xE800002E) when Syncing iPhone Applications

1. Delete app from iPhone
2. Delete app from Mac ~/Music/iTunes/Mobile Applications
3. "re-purchase" app (it'll say you already have, just continue and it'll download the latest version for free)
4. Sync iPhone and your fresh app will be there

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"The call could not be completed because security levels do not match"


I had a weird issue with my OCS in the last 2 weeks, I will blog about the first one in a later post, the problem that I will talk about it here is that I couldn’t join a conf. or do any one to one conf. with any of my Tandberg video endpoints from OCS client.

The problem started after a security review we have done ourselves and we came up with several action to take to enhance our security internally, after the review OCS to CODIAN MCU communication got dropped.

The first problem stopped us from debugging it, last Thursday we solved the first problem so we started to edbug this one, below are the symptoms of the issue:

- When you do a call from OCS client to Codian MCU the following error appears in the OCS client “The call could not be completed because security levels do not match".

- In the MCU ou will find the following error: Unable to provide video channel - possible bandwidth/codec issue


The cause was that OCS 2007 server has been configured to require encryption at the A/V conference, this causes the communication to drop, configuring the module to support encryption fixes the problem.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

ManageSoft package distribution job remains pending


When viewing the report summary for distributed packages, a package distribution job remains in a pending state and only the Package_Name_metapkg.ndc file has updated on the deployment location (DL).


Firstly you will need to delete the pending jobs in the JobQueue on the remote DL.

  1. On the remote DL, check that the ManageSoft Connection Agent service is started.
  2. Browse to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\ManageSoft Corp\ManageSoft\Replication Agent\JobQueue
  3. Rename the directory JobQueue to Backup_JobQueue
  4. Browse to the package directory in the Distribution cache which is located in the Warehouse e.g. Z:\Data\Warehouse\Distribution\Cache\Common\Package_Vendor_PackageName_PackageName
  5. Rename the Package_Vendor_PackageName_PackageName to Backup_Package_Vendor_PackageName_PackageName
  6. Back on the ManageSoft administration server, kick off a new distribution job to the remote DL where the package failed to distribute.
  7. Once package distribution is successful, delete the Backup_ directories that you renamed.

If the above fails, log a call with your support provider.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Enable Offline Folders tab in Windows Explorer

Change the below registry setting as required:

To enable the tab:

To disable the tab: