Monday, June 2, 2008

HP Network Configuration Utility - Unable to create team

You receive an error message: "Unable to create team" (or similar) even after rebooting.

Also, HP Network Configuration Utility (NCU) does not appear as an uninstallable option in Add/Remove Programs.

Cause: Generally a corruption in cpqnic.xml

1. Rename "C:\Program Files\HP\NCU" to "C:\Program Files\HP\NCU.old"
2. Re-run the Proliant Support Pack (PSP) setup.exe
3. HP Smart Update Manager will advise "Installation Not Needed" for NCU
4. Locate NCU in the list, and select "Installation Options"
5. Select "Force Install"
6. Follow prompts and restart server.
7. Recreate the team as required.

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