Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Changing Any Password On XP with cmd

This quick tutorial will show you the steps to change and reset any user password on a windows computer, and also show you how to protect your computer from people doing this to you!


  1. Reboot the computer
  2. Right after the bios is finished, hit F8 (or F2,10,12)
  3. Select ‘Safe mode’ or ‘Safe mode with networking support’
  4. Windows will boot up to the logon screen. Click administrator, 9/10 there is no password.
  5. Do, Start->Run->type ‘command’
  6. At the prompt, type ‘net user’ which will display a list of usernames. Find the one you are looking for, try ‘net user username’ for them all. Type ‘net user /HELP’ for more info.
  7. To reset the password type ‘net user username *’ where username is the username you want to reset.
  8. For no password, leave blank.
  9. Now, reboot and you can login as that user.

If a user's domain account has been locked or if you cannot login to a network resource anymore, just login physically and unlock the account with net user username /ACTIVE

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